May 9, 2014

Strangelings Backup and Shutdown

Hi Strangelings community the final back-up for Strangelings will be carried out at 8pm PDT (US Time) on Saturday 10 May 2014.  The game itself may be available to play for 24 hours after this back-up however FMI Games cannot guarantee that any actions in the game after 8pm PDT will be backed up.  Once again FMI Games would like to thank you for your involvement and contributions to Strangelings and we look forward to seeing you all back and breeding at a re-launch of the game which will hopefully occur at some stage in the near future.
Goodbye for now :)
FMI Games

April 15, 2014

Strangelings Q&A Auction Chat

Summary thoughts.

-We are continuing to look at another solution to bring the game back up
-All data will be saved therefore if/when the game comes backup you will have all your pets, gems, crystals, achievements etc.
-The potential other solution we are looking at would give us overall more control for the game.
-The blog, Facebook page, domain will still be around and we therefore will be able to reach out and update you.

[1:02:52 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: This is a Q&A session
[1:02:56 PM] Big Pimpin: Only one ling as we were not planning on doing a sale auction. Just Q&A.
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[1:03:02 PM] Stephanie Roschel: ahhhh ok
[1:03:03 PM] Big Pimpin: but needed one up there to start it
[1:03:07 PM] Katelyn Kent: Hi Ben
[1:03:09 PM] Jennifer Estes: But it IS a pretty ling. ;)
[1:03:13 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Regarding this blog
[1:03:14 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin:
[1:03:16 PM] JT Traub: Well, I'm sure some of us have some Q, and hopefully get some A :)
[1:03:17 PM] Clarissa Andrews: but im sure people will bid anyways ;)
[1:03:18 PM] Big Pimpin: we could sell it at the end
[1:03:35 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT I am always looking for A
[1:03:38 PM] Stephanie Roschel: thatwould be cool
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[1:03:54 PM] JT Traub: *LOL* @ Ben..
[1:03:54 PM] Momo Sullen: ^^ hi im new on this game how does things work?
[1:03:55 PM] Kitty Collicott: Hello Chris
[1:04:04 PM] Big Pimpin: Hi Kitty
[1:04:15 PM] Stephanie Roschel: hi kitty hi clarr
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[1:04:28 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Momo you may wish to read this blog
[1:04:28 PM] Susannah Grace: Mono I'm afraid we are here to discuss the end of the game in a few weeks :(
[1:04:29 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin:
[1:04:32 PM] Gabriela Szabóová: hi all!
[1:04:40 PM] Manu Bidinger: hi all , not to late i hope
[1:04:45 PM] Big Pimpin: We will wait another 30 seconds and get started.
[1:04:46 PM] Manu Bidinger: SUUUUUUUUUUUU
[1:04:47 PM] JT Traub: 'lo Manu
[1:04:48 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Hi Manu the Man
[1:04:52 PM] Manu Bidinger: hi JT
[1:04:54 PM] Susannah Grace: Hey Manu! <3
[1:04:54 PM] Amanda Hanck: hi manu
[1:04:56 PM] Stephanie Roschel: ((((SUEEE))))
[1:04:57 PM] Manu Bidinger: hey Bro
[1:04:57 PM] Big Pimpin: also we are going to put the chat up on a blog
[1:05:00 PM] Kitty Collicott: We're waiting for ppl to arrive, you're just in time Manu
[1:05:00 PM] Big Pimpin: with a summary
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[1:05:10 PM] Manu Bidinger: kk :)
[1:05:12 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Hi Michelle
[1:05:12 PM] Susannah Grace: Oh good idea chris the Aussies can't get yere
[1:05:15 PM] Susannah Grace: Here
[1:05:30 PM] Big Pimpin: Ben is going to start
[1:05:33 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: As you all know we issued a blog yesterday advising that Strangelings will cease on May 10
[1:05:34 PM] Susannah Grace: Hey Steph, hey kitty! :)
[1:05:50 PM] Kitty Collicott: Hey Su (:
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[1:05:53 PM] Clarissa Andrews: MANNNNNNNU
[1:05:55 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: However we are still focused on getting a solution
[1:06:01 PM] Kitty Collicott: Yes, sad sad news Big
[1:06:04 PM] Manu Bidinger: hi Clar , kittums , V
[1:06:06 PM] Kitty Collicott: *Ben
[1:06:07 PM] Kitty Collicott: lol
[1:06:07 PM] Clarissa Andrews: :)
[1:06:14 PM] V .: hi
[1:06:17 PM] V .: v.v
[1:06:17 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: and we hope to get the game back up and running as quickly as possible
[1:06:18 PM] JT Traub: Do you want us to hold questions until the end or ask them throughout?
[1:06:18 PM] Stephanie Roschel: so tere is hope?
[1:06:21 PM] Manu Bidinger: yeah i didn't like that blog at all , made me really sad
[1:06:30 PM] Big Pimpin: hold questions for a buit
[1:06:32 PM] Big Pimpin: bit
[1:06:44 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: We will be backing up all the data
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[1:07:06 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: so if/when we get Strangelings live again all your pets will also be available
[1:07:19 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: I will now open the floor to questions
[1:07:21 PM] Manu Bidinger: great to know that ;)
[1:07:24 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: please ask one at a time
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[1:07:38 PM] Manu Bidinger: do you have an idea at what timespan we are looking Bro ?
[1:07:38 PM] Nina Baladina: Hi!
[1:07:47 PM] Stephanie Roschel: what about our game money and gems? will hat be saves as well?
[1:07:51 PM] Gabriela Szabóová: woooo need a link only for the conversation here is extra laggy :(
[1:07:57 PM] Susannah Grace: If you can't fix things now what makes you think you can in the future?
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[1:08:07 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Unfortunately no Manu we do not have a solution at this time and cannot foresee when one may become available
[1:08:11 PM] JT Traub: My first question Ben: is it money to afford a platform like parse, or engineering effort to integrate with Parse or both?
[1:08:17 PM] Manu Bidinger: kk Bro , thanks
[1:08:18 PM] Katelyn Kent: So much for one at a time lol
[1:08:20 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Game money and gems will be saved
[1:08:25 PM] Manu Bidinger: ppl let him read up lol
[1:08:30 PM] Clarissa Andrews: well thats good :)
[1:08:43 PM] JT Traub: Sorry.. it's lagging.. didn't realize someone else had asked while I was typing.
[1:08:47 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Susan the backend needs to be rewritten and there are potential people that offer a similar backend
[1:09:06 PM] Clarissa Andrews: wish i knew how. id do it for free
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[1:09:21 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT - Our backend is written in a code called Scala where Parse is JavaScript which would mean a rewrite
[1:09:39 PM] JT Traub: Ben, you're talking to a scala dev here :)
[1:09:41 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: so it comes down to a sig expense to move to something like Parse
[1:09:55 PM] Clarissa Andrews: wow nice
[1:10:01 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT - so you know where I am coming from
[1:10:03 PM] Susannah Grace: And how will you afford this, in the future?
[1:10:03 PM] Jennifer Estes: yay JT!
[1:10:30 PM] JT Traub: Oh crap.. my typing is now vanishing into the ether again.
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[1:10:40 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: SG - we are looking to identify a backend that uses scala
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[1:10:46 PM] Susannah Grace: Cos there's so many of us here probably JT xx
[1:10:48 PM] Charity Kranichfield: so it ends on may 10th?
[1:11:00 PM] Manu Bidinger: yes Charity
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[1:11:07 PM] Manu Bidinger: for a while if i am correct
[1:11:11 PM] Susannah Grace: But in two months you have found nowhere?
[1:11:21 PM] Leslie H: Manuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[1:11:21 PM] Manu Bidinger: man i missed yas
[1:11:23 PM] JT Traub: Ok.. this is frustrating.
[1:11:26 PM] Susannah Grace: Heeeeey Leslie! :)
[1:11:29 PM] Nina Baladina: Have you considered perhaps taking strangelings to a bigger company for sale? I imagine that you wouldnt want to sell your baby, but if it would mean the game continues?
[1:11:32 PM] JT Traub: something I've typed twice now has gotten eaten.
[1:11:32 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: On May 10 we will take a back-up off all the data and the app will be taken down from the App store and on FB
[1:11:38 PM] Susannah Grace: I was wondering that nina
[1:11:40 PM] Leslie H: I'm not really here, Manu. I'm still workin', like, 15-18 hour days! =:o
[1:11:45 PM] Leslie H: Hiya, Su! :D
[1:11:46 PM] Clarissa Andrews: well its not the provider they are having trouble with its the cost to move it right?
[1:12:01 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Nina if you have anyone interested pass them our way
[1:12:19 PM] JT Traub: Ok.. that's annoying.. three times the same thing I've said has been eaten.
[1:12:21 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Yes Clarissa that is correct
[1:12:29 PM] Nina Baladina: Sarcasm duly noted ben lol, but i was just wondering
[1:12:37 PM] JT Traub: Parse has a java client I believe.
[1:12:42 PM] Nina Baladina: If it was an option
[1:12:49 PM] JT Traub: So it should be possible to integrate it with scala.
[1:12:51 PM] Kitty Collicott: I believe she's asking if you have tried, even.
[1:12:53 PM] Clarissa Andrews: gosh why do people gotta be so dang expensive lol. obviously its a huge job
[1:12:56 PM] Leslie H: Hey, Ben? So, with that backup, if by some miracle you find a place to land, will we get our accounts back intact with memberships (like I just renewed for 3 months) to continue, and crystal balances, and such?
[1:12:59 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: I was not being Sarcastic Nina we have considered everything
[1:12:59 PM] Jennifer Estes: Ben, my husband is curious if you have talked to anyone at Steam?
[1:13:32 PM] Manu Bidinger: Steam is a hell Jenn
[1:13:38 PM] Clarissa Andrews: ^
[1:13:38 PM] Nina Baladina: Lol
[1:13:44 PM] Kitty Collicott: Maybe if they come back they waive fees to OG players for a month or two
[1:13:46 PM] JT Traub: (please tell me my comments are being seen)
[1:13:47 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT happy to discuss in detail offline
[1:13:47 PM] Clarissa Andrews: lol
[1:13:51 PM] Jennifer Estes: lol Manu
[1:13:56 PM] JT Traub: Ben, I would love to.
[1:13:58 PM] Leslie H: Manu, I play stuff on Steam. I'm just not sure that's the right sort of environment to run this engine.
[1:13:58 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: To Leslie H we are saving all info
[1:14:05 PM] JT Traub: drop me a line at, please.
[1:14:20 PM] Big Pimpin: JT I will email you
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[1:14:25 PM] Clarissa Andrews: YAY
[1:14:32 PM] Manu Bidinger: well that too Les , i got SKyrim there and half the time it's crash or burn
[1:14:34 PM] JT Traub: I'd also love to ask questions about size of playerbase and revenue streams you guys have seen.
[1:14:36 PM] Clarissa Andrews: Jt youre smart
[1:14:36 PM] Jennifer Estes: Question was from my husband, who plays a whole lot of mmorpg's.
[1:14:40 PM] Clarissa Andrews: i wish i knew that stuff
[1:14:46 PM] Leslie H: JT, you lookin' to buy? ;D
[1:14:56 PM] Jennifer Estes: JT you may seriously be saving us all. :)
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[1:15:15 PM] Manu Bidinger: playerbase should e around 150 to 170 K if i got my numbers right lol
[1:15:23 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Its important to note that the change in platform is the major issue however the game iitself does not sustain the company
[1:15:28 PM] JT Traub: (to be upfront - I am working with a startup game company.. part of the reasons I found strangelings was that it had a similar style game to one we were considering)
[1:15:30 PM] Nina Baladina: But how many active?
[1:15:38 PM] Leslie H: Manu, I play lots of stuff on Steam, and have never had problems. Must be a Skyrim problem. ;D
[1:15:38 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: as you know none of us have ever taken a wage
[1:15:41 PM] Clarissa Andrews: so no more unity?
[1:15:51 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: and we work fulltime on FMI Gmaes
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[1:15:57 PM] Stephanie Roschel: ok so if and when the game comes back..roughly what kinda time span are we looking at
[1:15:58 PM] JT Traub: And we are looking at parse and we are using Unity for the game we are currently working on.
[1:16:09 PM] Manu Bidinger: they arent sure yet STeph
[1:16:11 PM] Kitty Collicott: They do not know Steph
[1:16:12 PM] JT Traub: so, I actually do have some knowledge/experience here :)
[1:16:17 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: About 2k actives a day
[1:16:29 PM] Stephanie Roschel: ok ty
[1:16:34 PM] JT Traub: 2000 actives a day isn't a bad number.
[1:16:38 PM] Manu Bidinger: thats not that bad right Ben ?
[1:16:45 PM] Clarissa Andrews: but they dont stay...
[1:16:51 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: No its not bad
[1:16:59 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: but cant sustain the company with wages
[1:17:02 PM] JT Traub: do you mind my asking about how much revenue (very ballpark) those actives generate per month.
[1:17:25 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT ARPDAU is about 10c
[1:17:26 PM] JT Traub: (and yeah, salaries are a huge *HUGE* expense)
[1:17:28 PM] Manu Bidinger: lol JT , best to ask that in mail i think
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[1:18:01 PM] Kitty Collicott: Well then where does the money go? Sorry if that's a dumb question
[1:18:04 PM] JT Traub: Actually, he just gave me a perfect answer.
[1:18:14 PM] Nina Baladina: Good q kitty
[1:18:27 PM] Kitty Collicott: I know what I spend on SL and it is a lot. Want to see my paypal? LOL
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[1:18:42 PM] Manu Bidinger: i think the money keeps rolling around between players alot Kitty
[1:19:03 PM] Clarissa Andrews: hmm maybe make the people that start playing stay and keep playing some way. They probably stop playing once to find out they need crystals to buy pets and the limited auction spots, they never get crystals so they leave.
[1:19:07 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Kitty, rent, hosting services, accounting, Franchise Tax, Facebook, apple,
[1:19:09 PM] Manu Bidinger: and they do need to keep the server payed aswell , and i figure that is a huge amount to
[1:19:10 PM] Kitty Collicott: No, I purchase gems dear
[1:19:15 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: as an example
[1:19:17 PM] Nina Baladina: Yes in the ah, but to buy slots, speed hatch food credits
[1:19:35 PM] Susannah Grace: I see what clar said as the single biggest issue with this game. People don't stay because it's so badly set up for newbies. Hence, your profits spiral.
[1:19:47 PM] Big Pimpin: repeat a questions if we have missed it.
[1:19:49 PM] Charity Kranichfield: so how will know if the game comes back?
[1:19:58 PM] Kitty Collicott: Hmm.. ok
[1:20:03 PM] Stephanie Roschel: if i may make a suggestion / comment.....this game is all breed and sell...theres no interaction outside of that...the company needs to make $ so why not add a few small programs.."example" little buildings we can organise our lings in on our lands...being able to vissit other friends lands...the comapny can charge a price for bildings...and have it so the buildings can be upgraded "with a cost"...make it moe user friendly and thats just the tip of the iceburg
[1:20:06 PM] Manu Bidinger: they will keep the blog going Charity
[1:20:06 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: SG - we agree
[1:20:14 PM] Nina Baladina: So, its spread too thin basically for the amount of revenue
[1:20:24 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Charity like our FB page and we will update when or if we become live again
[1:20:40 PM] Charity Kranichfield: ok
[1:20:48 PM] Nina Baladina: I agree too as it becomes frustrating so most newbs move on
[1:21:01 PM] Clarissa Andrews: ben you should do like a daily gem win thing. so they can earn crystals every day and save up to get a ling
[1:21:09 PM] Leslie H: Question: What's the biggest cost to move? Cuz, if it's labor, I'd be willing to volunteer to help.
[1:21:21 PM] Jennifer Estes: daily spinners or log in bonuses are always good ideas
[1:21:29 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Stephanie if we can find a solution to these hosting problem we will look at all these things
[1:21:29 PM] Stephanie Roschel: the newbe's need something to work on that they can understand while learning how to breed for different lings in my opinion
[1:21:34 PM] Nina Baladina: I think its a digital move leslie
[1:21:34 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: as we have from days one
[1:21:37 PM] Manu Bidinger: Steph i would stop if i could visit friends unless it's for fun , i hate the normal FB games where you " have " to visit friends
[1:21:48 PM] Jennifer Estes: But they need to focus on keeping the game going before they can focus on new features, don't forget. ;)
[1:22:00 PM] Manu Bidinger: Amen Jenn :P
[1:22:03 PM] Susannah Grace: These ideas are all things desperately needed IF the game was to come back but I think the biggest issue is the IF
[1:22:10 PM] Jennifer Estes: lol manu ;)
[1:22:23 PM] Katelyn Kent: Ben/ there anything that we players can do to seems people are willing..
[1:22:24 PM] Nina Baladina: But i dont know how to move things digitally lol
[1:22:26 PM] Jennifer Estes: yes, su :)
[1:22:32 PM] Patty Wonnacott: Have you thought about maybe a kickstarter thing? You clearly have a dedicated group of players and then you might be able to afford to move and even make improvements
[1:22:34 PM] Stephanie Roschel: i agree but for the game to continue they need to make $..this is just one way they can achomplish that when things get back in order
[1:22:59 PM] Leslie H: Nina, I don't know anything about the game engine, but I know databases and web stuff. ;D
[1:23:16 PM] Kitty Collicott: Slow down guys
[1:23:21 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: KK cross your fingers for us and stay tuned for updates
[1:23:26 PM] Susannah Grace: We suggested that when they first told us about these issues patty
[1:23:33 PM] JT Traub: and I got your email Chris.
[1:23:41 PM] Big Pimpin: great
[1:24:03 PM] Susannah Grace: Did you guys see Leslie is asking if you need help and she is willing to volunteer if you do?
[1:24:12 PM] Stephanie Roschel: i don know anything about databases..i just know from a gamers point of view what i think would be proffitable for both the makers of the game and will keep the players intrest peeked
[1:24:17 PM] Lisa Baker: Ben in the meantime, the future of your facebook app is in question, will you consider moving the strangelings back into secondlife?
[1:24:18 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Patty yes we have but we cannot expect all our users to fulfill the ballpark 50k we need to move it
[1:24:35 PM] Leslie H: LOL, Su! Good thing I wasn't regretting that offer and hoping no one saw it! ;D
[1:24:39 PM] Manu Bidinger: Lisa they won't come into SL
[1:24:40 PM] Clarissa Andrews: honestly i hate the visit friend idea. Then people can just go look at what your holding
[1:24:48 PM] Nina Baladina: I hope you can find a solution, i LOVE your game! It has staying power unlike most games ive tried
[1:24:49 PM] Jennifer Estes: It makes more sense for us to add our suggestions somewhere else. The blog perhaps. So that as things improve they can refer to said list of suggestions. :)
[1:24:55 PM] Susannah Grace: Hahahaha Leslie!
[1:25:10 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: The large part of the migration cost is to do with the three diff programming languages involved
[1:25:17 PM] Katelyn Kent: Got. It...I just think you guys may have resources that you can use.....if figure out how we can assist. You have some pretty savvy and willing people here...
[1:25:36 PM] Jennifer Estes: Really 50k in a month on somewhere like kickstarter can TOTALLY be done.
[1:25:37 PM] Leslie H: Can I ask what languages, Ben?
[1:25:39 PM] Manu Bidinger: very true . i spend almost a year on it
[1:25:57 PM] Jennifer Estes: I think you should consider it anyway. ;) We would advertise like crazy for you guys for free, lol.
[1:26:12 PM] Jennifer Estes: Also, what Katelyn saud. ;)
[1:26:12 PM] JT Traub: Ben: Since you use unity for the front end, that means Java or C sharp or Boo. And you said scala for the backend. What's the third?
[1:26:14 PM] Charity Kranichfield: yes definately
[1:26:15 PM] Jennifer Estes: said, lol
[1:26:16 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Agree KK and we love the community who support the game daily
[1:26:47 PM] Jerica Trembath joined
[1:26:54 PM] Charity Kranichfield: i have never loved a game more than this one
[1:27:01 PM] Stephanie Roschel: amen to that
[1:27:03 PM] Manu Bidinger: same here
[1:27:05 PM] Kitty Collicott: Me too, and I'm not even a gamer
[1:27:08 PM] Mariaan P: same
[1:27:16 PM] Kitty Collicott: I am so sad
[1:27:18 PM] Leslie H: Yeah, Charity, the game is kewl, albeit frustrating. But, it's the people, even more so.
[1:27:27 PM] Manu Bidinger: and funny thing , they took away my fun in SL and now this too :(
[1:27:27 PM] Susannah Grace: I actually think kick starter loves projects that are unique. And this game is utterly unique. Trust me, we've search for alternatives and there simply is none.
[1:27:29 PM] Jennifer Estes: We could totally raise 50k on a site for this game. You should see some of the other games that get funded, lol.
[1:27:33 PM] Stephanie Roschel: lol..youd have a hard time proving that to me by the way you bid kitty
[1:27:33 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: test
[1:27:44 PM] Leslie H: Ah, so it's all your fault, Manu? They're out to get you, so we all get got? o;>
[1:27:48 PM] Charity Kranichfield: yes iliv both the game and community! best of the best!!!
[1:27:54 PM] Clarissa Andrews: lmfao
[1:27:58 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: test
[1:28:04 PM] JT Traub: We see your test Ben.
[1:28:04 PM] Kitty Collicott: lol Steph
[1:28:05 PM] Leslie H: I see you, Ben......
[1:28:05 PM] Lisa Baker: LOL Manu, sl stopped being fun a while ago!
[1:28:11 PM] Clarissa Andrews: your chats working :)
[1:28:21 PM] Big Pimpin: he is trying to type c-sharp, using the hash and it is not letting it go through ;>
[1:28:23 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Scala, JS, C Sharp and custom scala modules
[1:28:29 PM] Manu Bidinger: no Les , lol , i just had only 2 things breedable related i loved , and this one is first
[1:28:33 PM] JT Traub: I've never played SL and probably never will :) I'd be sad if strangelings went back into 2nd life.
[1:28:37 PM] Marie Beaulieu joined
[1:28:37 PM] Clarissa Andrews: yea idk any of that LOL
[1:28:37 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: have I missed a q?
[1:28:37 PM] Kitty Collicott: yes hashtags don't work here
[1:28:53 PM] Jennifer Estes: no questions Ben
[1:28:56 PM] Leslie H: Pointy brackets don't work, either.
[1:28:58 PM] Manu Bidinger: lol JT , Strangelings were never in SL
[1:28:59 PM] Patty Wonnacott: But even if it could help wouldn't it be worth trying? I know I am pretty new but I am really enjoying the site and if you had a plan I would donate so I could have a fun game to play
[1:29:01 PM] JT Traub: Yeah Big, I realized that was what was causing my thing to be eaten earlier :)
[1:29:11 PM] Jennifer Estes: just mostly us talking about how kickstarter and 50k is absolutely doable.
[1:29:32 PM] Jennifer Estes: Seriously.
[1:29:41 PM] Kitty Collicott: I would donate
[1:29:47 PM] Leslie H: Ben, ya lost me on the languages, I'm afraid. Though, I have big ideas for improvements in Auctioneer tools. *grin*
[1:29:48 PM] Clarissa Andrews: i really think if you give newbies something to do then it will be more achievable
[1:29:56 PM] Nina Baladina: Me too
[1:30:04 PM] Manu Bidinger: i would donate as much as i could too , not only my time :P
[1:30:04 PM] Angela Perry: I'm completely new, but part of what I love about the game is how you can get beautiful and unique pets (and I love the challenge). What about an art fundraiser?
[1:30:21 PM] Andrew Willis joined
[1:30:23 PM] Charity Kranichfield: excuse me, but what is the 50 k for exactly?
[1:30:39 PM] Patty Wonnacott: In one month I watched as a person raised like 300,000 for a game
[1:30:40 PM] Leslie H: Charity, for getting the game moved over to a new home
[1:30:42 PM] Clarissa Andrews: to move the data to a new provider
[1:30:43 PM] Susannah Grace: You guys have a *potential* cash cow on your hands that hasn't made you as much profit as you'd like because of various issues that are not about the actual game, but how it's been run. Personally I think it's worth doing anything to save it. And then get the player base up and money coming in.
[1:30:47 PM] Clarissa Andrews: its alot of work and very costly
[1:31:00 PM] Susannah Grace: I mean I'm sure you like your new game, but it's nothing compared to this one.
[1:31:09 PM] Jennifer Estes: exactly patty!!!
[1:31:16 PM] Kitty Collicott: New game?
[1:31:27 PM] Leslie H: *watches Kitty pounce*
[1:31:29 PM] Nina Baladina: That dance game
[1:31:34 PM] Kitty Collicott: What's the new game?
[1:31:39 PM] Leslie H: Dance game? Ugh. :X
[1:31:40 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: The 50k is for the migration to a diff platform however another solution we are researching would be sig cheaper
[1:31:41 PM] Kitty Collicott: lol Les
[1:31:56 PM] Leslie H: ....sig.....?
[1:32:03 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: however we are negotiating that outcome and it relies on another company's decision
[1:32:07 PM] Clarissa Andrews: is the other solution more in hands reach?
[1:32:08 PM] Big Pimpin: sig = significantly
[1:32:09 PM] Susannah Grace: Yeah they have a new game kitty, some dance thing.
[1:32:17 PM] Leslie H: Ah. Thanks, Biggie. :)
[1:32:40 PM] JT Traub: Can you talk about the other solution you are researching?
[1:32:40 PM] Angela Perry: Is that 50K for just the migration or also for a term of hosting? I'm a web programmer, and that seems very high, even for dedicated cloud hosting.
[1:32:41 PM] Manu Bidinger: Bro , silly qeustion maybe
[1:33:05 PM] Manu Bidinger: Can't Cameron budge in thru Ozimals ?
[1:33:09 PM] Leslie H: The sillier, the better, Manu. :)
[1:33:10 PM] Manu Bidinger: lol
[1:33:20 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Angela that is just for migrating the code which is required to be rewritten
[1:33:23 PM] Clarissa Andrews: whats ozimals?
[1:33:32 PM] Manu Bidinger: Ben knows lol
[1:33:39 PM] Clarissa Andrews: second life? lol
[1:33:44 PM] Clarissa Andrews: :P
[1:33:46 PM] Hollman Blandon joined
[1:33:53 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Cameron is no longer operationally involved in FMI Games
[1:34:03 PM] Clarissa Andrews: aww :/
[1:34:05 PM] Manu Bidinger: seriously Bro ?
[1:34:10 PM] Bambi Dahlhauser joined
[1:34:17 PM] Manu Bidinger: wow , i would never have geussed that
[1:34:22 PM] Susannah Grace: Oh he was the guy who owned it or started it or something?
[1:34:30 PM] Manu Bidinger: he started it
[1:34:40 PM] Angela Perry: Why does the code need to be rewritten to migrate hosts?
[1:34:42 PM] Charity Kranichfield: why does the code have to be rewritten?
[1:34:42 PM] Manu Bidinger: well the idea that is
[1:35:05 PM] Susannah Grace: They said the wrote the code to match the backend of a particular server, I think...?
[1:35:11 PM] Manu Bidinger: it's the same as i would move to america , i would need to learn a new language
[1:35:28 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: SG - Yes
[1:35:29 PM] Debbey Osman joined
[1:35:35 PM] Charity Kranichfield: ah ok
[1:35:38 PM] Kitty Collicott: The code needs to be translated Charity
[1:35:45 PM] Angela Perry: Thanks SG! I'm still having trouble understanding though. What about the back end can't migrate?
[1:35:50 PM] Katelyn Kent: Yes'd have to learn to cus more lol
[1:35:56 PM] Manu Bidinger: lmaooo
[1:36:01 PM] Susannah Grace: Haha
[1:36:01 PM] Kitty Collicott: lol
[1:36:03 PM] Charity Kranichfield: thanx manu.speaking english to me about it,lol
[1:36:04 PM] JT Traub: Damn straight katelyn :)
[1:36:31 PM] Manu Bidinger: well let me refrase it , if you would come here you would need to learn a new language to be able to live here
[1:36:44 PM] Momo Sullen: ^^ thanks ben for the blog url it help a lot for me to get around this game.
[1:36:44 PM] Susannah Grace: Makes more sense Manu hahaha
[1:36:47 PM] Manu Bidinger: it's the best way i can explain it lol
[1:36:48 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: We are trying to achieve the most cost effective solution and so we are focusing on a far cheaper alternative.
[1:37:06 PM] Katelyn Kent: Cus less? Msorry. I really do like the analogy....
[1:37:15 PM] Charity Kranichfield: no i mean, i understood your way of explaining it
[1:37:21 PM] Angela Perry: Correct me if I'm wrong Ben, but it sounds like you don't own all the resources required to make Strangelings run.
[1:37:25 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: and will give us sig more control to avoid this sort of situation ever again
[1:37:46 PM] Susannah Grace: Ok so, Ben... You say you have a potential plan right now... IF that plan were to pan out, how long would you be looking at to et it back online again? I mean... The longer you wait, the more players you would lose, most likely...
[1:37:52 PM] Manu Bidinger: oh please yes , my week was bad enough allready without that blog
[1:37:53 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Angela the back end is hosted with another company
[1:37:55 PM] JT Traub: Ben, did you see my question if you could give more details about the alternative you are exploring?
[1:37:57 PM] Kitty Collicott: So are you turning down a fund raiser? If we reached 50k would that be enough?
[1:38:10 PM] Clarissa Andrews: is unity the provider thats going bye bye?
[1:38:30 PM] Susannah Grace: Ditto Manu *hugs*
[1:38:41 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: SG no timeframe can be given because the decision that will greatly impact this rests with another company
[1:38:49 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: however we are pushing them at this time
[1:38:51 PM] Angela Perry: Yes, I understand, but I've never seen an application that didn't own the front-end code and the back-end structure.
[1:38:59 PM] Manu Bidinger: Hugs Su back
[1:39:03 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT I cannot go into further details
[1:39:09 PM] JT Traub: Ben: no problem.
[1:39:19 PM] Susannah Grace: Ok
[1:39:42 PM] Manu Bidinger: so to be correct bro , you are working on a solution as we speak ?
[1:39:43 PM] Leslie H: Ben, I think Su is just asking what the timeframe would be if their decision went your way?
[1:39:54 PM] JT Traub: Angela: take a look at they are using something like that (a software as a service API) currently.. the one they are using is going out of business because it was bought by paypal.
[1:39:54 PM] Anda Cloudring joined
[1:39:57 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Kitty it would probably be enough, however it would not stop the game from ceasing on May 10 because we would have to manage the project to migrate
[1:40:18 PM] Kitty Collicott: And time, of course
[1:40:28 PM] Manu Bidinger: ANDAAAAAA
[1:40:36 PM] Clarissa Andrews: ok brb im looking at that site
[1:40:44 PM] Anda Cloudring: Hey Manu :)
[1:40:45 PM] Leslie H: Kitty, you got 50k you're just burning to invest? *grin*
[1:40:50 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Yes Manu we are and are very hopeful we get some luck and can get Strangelings up and running ASAP
[1:40:57 PM] Clarissa Andrews: i used to want to be a coder but it all gave me a headache so i said screw you code lol
[1:41:08 PM] Kitty Collicott: No but I could put a bit towards it, and I think others would too.
[1:41:12 PM] Manu Bidinger: great :) it would be terrible to lose this
[1:41:15 PM] Leslie H: Clarissa, I AM a coder...the headache doesn't really go away. ;D
[1:41:22 PM] Clarissa Andrews: i figured lol
[1:41:31 PM] Angela Perry: Okay, that makes more sense JT. So the Strangeling app was built on existing and otherwise owned technologies.
[1:41:33 PM] JT Traub: Yeah, I'm in a constant state of headache :) :) :)
[1:41:39 PM] Momo Sullen: ;/ so what im readin strangelings is closing in may?
[1:41:39 PM] Bambi Dahlhauser: I think many of us have already put towards it :/
[1:42:06 PM] Angela Perry: Shhh, don't tell, but I love my job ;) :D
[1:42:10 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: JT can you manage the migration project after Kitty gives us $50k?
[1:42:15 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: :)
[1:42:18 PM] Mariaan P: yes been buyimg lots of gems this past monyj
[1:42:19 PM] Leslie H: LOL!!
[1:42:20 PM] Clarissa Andrews: that parse site looks kinda nice. idk what im reading but looks nice
[1:42:21 PM] JT Traub: Ben: LOL..
[1:42:23 PM] Susannah Grace: To be honest my biggest question is how do we know you are really willing to do whatever it takes to get the game back online and won't just give up?
[1:42:30 PM] Kitty Collicott: LOL just for that we are starting a fundraiser
[1:42:40 PM] Kitty Collicott: I'm going to save your ass
[1:42:52 PM] Amathist Settles joined
[1:42:52 PM] Nina Baladina: Becuz its their baby su
[1:42:52 PM] Susannah Grace: Parse site clar?
[1:42:55 PM] Bambi Dahlhauser: what IS the other FMI game being worked on? anything like this?
[1:42:58 PM] Clarissa Andrews:
[1:43:05 PM] Leslie H: You have a donkey, Ben?? =:o
[1:43:08 PM] JT Traub: Ben: Right now I'm focussing on the game my company is trying to get done ( if you are interested in just finding out some info about me and what we're currently doing)
[1:43:10 PM] Nina Baladina: Wierd dance game
[1:43:14 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: SG we have worked on the development and running of Strangelings for over 2 years without a wage is that not evidence enough?
[1:43:20 PM] Susannah Grace: Lol nina people give real babies away everyday never mind data babies ;)
[1:43:20 PM] Jennifer Estes: They didn't have to be here talking to us right now, but they are.
[1:43:30 PM] Jennifer Estes: And the no wages ben just mentioned, lol
[1:43:52 PM] Manu Bidinger: i am sure they arent letting us down Su
[1:44:01 PM] Jennifer Estes: The problem Ben is that there has been a lot of angry discussion in the fb groups about people feeling intentionally duped out of their money.
[1:44:02 PM] JT Traub: But, if life were to offer the possibility, and there were a chance to work with the strangelings code to both help save strangelings and bootstrap the next game we want to do called Chimera, it's certainly something to discuss privately.
[1:44:05 PM] Susannah Grace: I guess the thing to me Ben is if you've been running that long without a wage, wouldn't that make most people give up ;)
[1:44:27 PM] JT Traub: Susannah: welcome to the life of an indy game developer.
[1:44:28 PM] Jennifer Estes: And some are saying it has happened since the beta. I haven't been here that long, but I am choosing to side with hope. ;)
[1:44:37 PM] Manu Bidinger: Su did i ever give up on auctioning ?
[1:44:39 PM] Susannah Grace: I don't feel duped out of money it was my choice to spend money after they told us the game might end ;)
[1:44:42 PM] Nina Baladina: And even though the past few months they have not been around as much, i dont know many game makers that are as involved and open as these ones
[1:44:45 PM] JT Traub: I'm working 2 jobs (one that's paying the bills and one that pays me nothing) so that I can write games.
[1:44:57 PM] Jennifer Estes: not oyu, su, lol
[1:44:58 PM] Manu Bidinger: the ppl and the game is enough to keep it going and i am sure they fel the same
[1:45:04 PM] Big Pimpin: JT, I just checked out your website. Nice one
[1:45:04 PM] Jennifer Estes: i don't feel duped either
[1:45:10 PM] Heather Rodgers: Honestly, we should be tanking Ben for taking the time to speak with us. I've seen SO many games go down without notice, or care for the player base. I'm sure if they can they will get it back up and running as soon as possible.
[1:45:20 PM] Heather Rodgers: *thanking
[1:45:30 PM] Manu Bidinger: nicely said Heather
[1:45:36 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Are there any further questions?
[1:45:41 PM] JT Traub: As you can see Chris, we're coming at this from the 'indie gamer trying to get stuff done' world as well :)
[1:45:48 PM] Charity Kranichfield: yes thanx for taking the time to speak to us all
[1:45:53 PM] Manu Bidinger: i heard all i needed to hear Bro ;)
[1:46:00 PM] Clarissa Andrews: wait a min did all this for free? no paycheck for you?
[1:46:01 PM] Cherry Bear joined
[1:46:09 PM] Manu Bidinger: yes CLar , they did
[1:46:13 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: None Clarissa just ask my wife
[1:46:15 PM] Clarissa Andrews: awwwww
[1:46:19 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: and two kids :)
[1:46:19 PM] Nina Baladina: Yes clar thats what they r saying
[1:46:29 PM] JT Traub: Such is the life of an indie game developer :)
[1:46:29 PM] Nina Baladina: I am sure your wife loves that lol
[1:46:33 PM] Cherry Bear: are we now bidding on this ling?
[1:46:34 PM] Clarissa Andrews: LMAO
[1:46:43 PM] Susannah Grace: I think it's the games I've seen go down that way that makes me cautious. And honestly this is a huge huge loss for me so I'm really quite upset. I just don't want to hope unless it's really really not false hope is all
[1:46:44 PM] Luana Pinto joined
[1:46:47 PM] Katelyn Kent: Ben has two kids and a wife who 8s working her ass off...
[1:46:47 PM] Stephanie Roschel: looks that way
[1:46:52 PM] Kathryn Watkins joined
[1:46:56 PM] Harly Quinn joined
[1:46:57 PM] Katelyn Kent: Is.
[1:47:13 PM] Manu Bidinger: Su , trust me , they are doing all they can
[1:47:15 PM] Bambi Dahlhauser: there has been a surge in money from the sale I'm sure. That just anishes? None of you guys see any of it?
[1:47:15 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Our ultimate aim is to end up hosting it all ourselves which would be a sig cost saving and give us a greater overall control to avoid this exact issue
[1:47:18 PM] Luana Pinto: *.*
[1:47:21 PM] Kitty Collicott: There's not much Steph won't bid on!
[1:47:22 PM] Angela Perry: Thanks for your time, Ben. I wish you luck! I'm not a game developer, but if you can use someone with middling tech skills, let me know :) I know JS and some C sharp.
[1:47:23 PM] Nina Baladina: Lol kate sounds like my husband, though he didnt make a cool game
[1:47:28 PM] Kitty Collicott: lol
[1:47:35 PM] Manu Bidinger: i been working with those guys for more than a year and they will do all they can
[1:47:40 PM] Big Pimpin: Guys unless there are other questions we could close the meeting and we can copy this chat to put up in a blog.
[1:47:41 PM] Susannah Grace: That would be good Ben!
[1:47:47 PM] Stephanie Roschel: lol..too true
[1:47:49 PM] Big Pimpin: we can hang around and general chat if you want
[1:47:56 PM] Heather Rodgers: Games like this, as evidinced by Ben's lack of income, is as much his baby as it is the player's. I'm sure they aren't thrilled at the prospect of pulling it offline any more then we are.
[1:48:05 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Guys unless there are other questions we could close the meeting and we can copy this chat to put up in a blog.
[1:48:08 PM] JT Traub: I have no more questions.. I look forward to talking to you guys more via email.
[1:48:13 PM] Harly Quinn: Can Someone please inbox me the first 45 mins I overslept
[1:48:19 PM] Leslie H: Ben, Biggie just said that. ;D
[1:48:20 PM] Bambi Dahlhauser: How is no one making any incme with more money the last month or so from the sale?
[1:48:21 PM] Nina Baladina: I have one question... Is anyone answering tickets?
[1:48:26 PM] Kitty Collicott: Soooo.. can we have free gems this last 3 weeks?
[1:48:31 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Heather is correct
[1:48:35 PM] Heather Rodgers: That being said, Thank you Ben. For the game, the hours I've enjoyed it and the consideration of letting us ask you questions
[1:48:35 PM] Kitty Collicott: O.O
[1:48:37 PM] Momo Sullen: no more ^^ thanks Ben
[1:48:39 PM] Big Pimpin: yeah I got him to copy it in. him talking in bald makes it easier to see
[1:48:39 PM] Leslie H: LOL, Kitty!!
[1:48:42 PM] Susannah Grace: Harly Ben said they are posting to the blog
[1:48:47 PM] Kitty Collicott: Or 1000x sale?
[1:48:53 PM] Big Pimpin: yeah we will post to the blog
[1:48:53 PM] Manu Bidinger: thanks as always guys , i love the game and the community and will be waiting for the comeback
[1:48:55 PM] Kitty Collicott: I think it would be a nice thank you
[1:48:56 PM] Nina Baladina: Whos answering tickets?
[1:49:16 PM] Phoebe Thomas joined
[1:49:24 PM] Nina Baladina: I will be waiting too
[1:49:25 PM] [Auctioneer] Ben Jammin: Manu you should hold the final auction before the May 10 close
[1:49:35 PM] Nina Baladina: Agreed
[1:49:43 PM] Manu Bidinger: really ?

[1:49:49 PM] Susannah Grace: For sure manu